Black Jewelry Tray - White Foam

Never Lost Earrings


This Black Jewelry Tray is the perfect accessory to add to your home.  It will easily hold and organize your earrings & rings.  

Place it on top of any dresser or countertop, or put it inside a drawer.  Your jewelry will be ORGANIZED, SECURE and EASY to find.  

You simply insert your earrings into the stiff white foam with THE BACKS ON!!  They won't fall out and get lost.  It will hold HOOK, HOOP, STUD, & POST earrings.

You can display and store your rings too!   

The light weight acrylic frame measures 8.25" x 7.25". The BLACK foam insert measures 7.75" x 6.75" , it has 13 precut lines used to insert your earrings into. This jewelry tray is not designed to hang, but you can easily add some adhesive hooks to the back to make this work.

I also make with with a Silver, Gold or White Frame and you can buy it with the WHITE foam or BLACK, whatever look you may want.  Please see other listings to purchase.  

* IMPORTANT DETAIL *  This tray is designed to hold approximately 100 small stud earrings.  However, this may be less depending on the size of earrings you have.   Hook earrings are larger and hang, taking up more space.  If you have larger rings with wide bands, they are more difficult to insert into the foam and take up a lot of space too.  So the amount of jewelry all depends on the sizes you have.  Please look at pictures to see how this may be.  

LET ME CUSTOMIZE AND CREATE ! If you have an existing jewelry box, I can custom make the foam insert to fit. Please email measurements of box and I will quote you a price. I charge .20 per square inch, plus shipping.

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Think of all the people who need one of these in their life!

It's the perfect gift!

Earrings pictured are not included.