Hook Earring & Necklace Organizer - 8x10 Black Frame

Never Lost Earrings


Organize your Hook Earrings & Necklaces

I've created the BEST 2-n-1 Jewelry Organizer.

The Black Color Frame is 8x10 in size.

It has 9 Silver Metal Hooks along the bottom to hang your bracelets and necklaces on.

The middle has a beautiful metal screen with an elegant design to hook your earrings into.

The back of the frame does not come with a hanging devise because of the inner 1" lip around the edge. You can just simply use nails on the wall and this will sit on top. Please see picture of back.

It also comes in a White frame, please see other listings.

This comes in a 5x7 size too, please see other listings.

Pair this with my other Hanging Wall Organizer with the Foam Front and you will be able to solve all of your jewelry organization issues.

LET ME CUSTOMIZE AND CREATE ! If you have an existing jewelry box, I can custom make the foam or metal screeninsert to fit. Please email measurements of box or frame and I will quote you a price. I charge .20 per square inch, plus shipping.

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I guarantee you will LOVE my organizers.

They will simplify and organize your life.